Frequently Asked Questions

Our minimum time requirement for rentals is 2 hours for light-duty cranes and 4 hours for heavy-duty cranes.

We are large enough to serve every city in Khasra No. 1343, 25th KM Milestone, Delhi-Meerut Road, Ghaziabad - 201003, Uttar Pradesh, India

There are four key aspects to the safe use of cranes. These are planning lifting operations, safe systems of work, supervision of lifting and thorough examination.

The Notification of Conventional Tower Crane Regulations 2010 - the Regulations that set out the duty to notify the use of conventional tower cranes on construction sites to Pull Mac , have been revoked, and the associated Register closed down with effect from 6 April 2013.

This is an issue that is dependent on your location, job application and sometimes size of the crane. Federally this topic is in a period of transition and is not final. Currently this question must be answered on a local level. With 50 states and 13 provinces there is an array of regulations on a local level. But in many cases there are no local regulations. There is not one underlining policy that answers this question. Call us to discuss in detail based on your situation.

It is a fact that customizing a program can drive up the cost of training unless you take action to reduce the time and manpower required to customize. That’s why Pull Mac developed a proprietary software we call ‘Course Builder’ that enables us to select from hundreds of relevant documents and course designs to meet your exact needs. We add the description of your course and Course Builder finds all manuals, workshops, tests, and lesson plans relevant to your subjects. We drag and drop your relevant materials into your course and the course is built. Certainly some programs take some added work for specialized needs, but that’s part of our service. We’re proud of offering this service at a cost any company can afford.